40 years ago, we reinvented the coupon business. Today, we’re revolutionizing commerce. Intelligence has always been at the core of our business. Now, it’s in our name, as we continue the relentless pursuit of new, better, and more efficient ways to accelerate growth for our clients and this community. Four decades may have passed, but we’re just getting started.

inmar brand solutions


Connecting with consumers and increasing sales have never been more important — or complex! Take advantage of Inmar's experience with more than 9,000 brands of every size and our life-cycle programs from shopper acquisition to reverse logistics. 

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inmar healthcare solutions


Regulations and third-parties make it difficult to sustain and grow revenue. Our solutions are in place at over 50,000 pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers to enhance operations, protect profitability and improve patient outcomes.

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inmar retail solutions


Whether a single-store independent or national chain, the right set of tools will help you drive profitability and greatly reduce operational costs in an environment of constant change so that you can deliver a personalized, data-driven experience for food and medicine.

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inmar government solutions


We can help you lower costs, increase benefits use and improve the health of your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients through our proprietary POS connections, deep business analytics and innovative consumer technology. 

inmar reverse logistics

Reverse Logistics

Recover more value on e-commerce / in-store returns and excess inventory. Reduce cost and optimize your supply chain through advanced performance analytics. When you need to liquidate product, get more value through the largest buyer base in North America. Handle recalls risk the right way with expert preparation, guidance, product retrieval and compliant regulatory management.

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inmar ecommerce solutions


Our technology connects digital media to mobile activation and in-store point-of-sale. With a network of over 5,000 point-of-sale terminals, we use chatbots to deliver personalized product trial and mobile commerce.

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